Color to Make Hair Look Longer

Woman with smooth long hair wearing a shiny turtleneck
Photo: Ranta Images/Shutterstock
Q: What color will make my hair look longer?
A: There is no specific color that makes the hair look longer. And while the color won't make a dramatic difference in the length your hair appears to be, certain hair coloring techniques are more likely to enhance the appearance of length than others.
For instance, heavily highlighted and lowlighted hair that uses distinctive color variations tend to break up the focus of the eye when it is being viewed. The eye jumps from streak of color to streak of color, and this generates a horizontal focus.
However, coloring the hair in a single, flattering color generates a uniform palette off which the light can be reflected. Doing so allows the length of the hair to create the focus which will be vertical and will draw attention to the length of the hair rather than the variations in color.
This is especially true when dealing with at home color kits. The highlighting and lowlighting methods of the at-home kits create streaks of color that are a lot LESS subtle than their professional counterparts.
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