Bangs for a Low Forehead

Long hairstyle with smooth bangs
Photo: Galushko Sergey/Shutterstock
Q: I have a low forehead & would like bangs. Is there a way to make the bangs look longer, maybe starting them farther back?
A: A person with a shallow or low forehead who does want bangs almost always NEEDS to begin the fringe zone farther back along the head.
In fact, in addition, you can opt for a varied shape of the bangs zone (such as triangular and moon-shaped bangs) in order to make the face appear longer overall and add some balance to the forehead area making it appear deeper.
Furthermore, try incorporating a very deep texture-cut into the bangs line and let the bangs fall below the eyebrow line. Also, curve the outside of the bangs line downward so that you create a variance in the lengths of the bangs from one side of the face to the other and further exaggerate the length of the forehead area.
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