Side Part & Hair Trimming

Stylist trimming the ends of long hair with scissors
Q: When I am trimming the ends of long hair that typically is worn with a side part, I never know if I should part the hair in the middle, so it is cut evenly, or if I should part it as usual and then cut. Either way I wonder if I'll end up with an uneven portion. Please help!
A: To be certain, you should discuss with the client specifically what he/she desires as the final result. If the hair is always worn with the side part, even when the hair is pulled back or pinned up, then I advise that you part the hair as it will be worn when you trim the ends in order to present an even look at the hair ends.
However, if the person tends to restyle her hair periodically in order to change her look, then you can shift to a center parting and do a uniform trimming of the perimeter. This will create a well-dispersed base length for the hair and prevent overly noticeable length discrepancies when the hair is styled in various ways.
The bottom line is simply this. As a hairdresser, our job is to give the client what they want for their hair. We advise them when they are lacking in perspective about what can reasonably be done with their hair. However, when all is said and done, we want the client to be happy. If we make sure to learn what the client wants, usually, the method of how to achieve that look is clear to us.
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