The Rachel Hairstyle

Rachel hairstyle how to cutting diagram
Q: I wonder if you please could help me. Could you show me a diagram and/or some illustrations on how to cut the famous and now classic hairstyle The Rachel? Thank you in advance.
A: Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle in the sitcom Friends became known as the Rachel and was widely copied. Here is an illustration showing the basic breakdown, elevations and angles for the classic “Rachel” hairstyle.
Since the “Rachel” can actually be cut to a variety of lengths, you may want two tiers of layering instead of three for shorter lengths overall, and you may adjust the lengths of the tiers to balance the volume of the hair as desired to create the soft style indicative of “The Rachel”.
One of the most important factors of this hairstyle is the razor texturing. This could be accomplished by creating the cut using the razor from the outset, or by using the razor to add texture after the cut is blocked out using shears/scissors.
Be sure to set your base guides when you begin your cutting. The upper tiers should fall to the length you want the shortest layers to be. You also want to make sure to keep your “tiers” carefully delineated, so that you don’t lose the classic “Rachel” look.
Jennifer Aniston's Rachel haircut
Jennifer Aniston - Photo by PR Photos
The other defining factors of the cut are the rounded, long bangs and the blown-straight, ironed finish for smooth curves and a uniform texture. This is not a cut that works for very curly or coarse hair types. It also must be carefully executed on those with fine and thin hair, as the styling necessary can be hard on more fragile hair types when performed on a regular basis.
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