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Hairstyle for a Thin Face

Q: I have long hair that is past my shoulders but I have a thin face. What kind of hairstyle would you recommend? I want to keep the length, but around the face I think I should cut it.
A: It is almost impossible to make suggestions on specific hairstyles based on a few details of the hair and/or face.
However, most often, persons with thin faces look best with hairstyles that offer extra volume on the sides. You might try getting a layered haircut and curling the hair to create fullness on the sides, or styling the hair so that the ends of the hair turn outward.
Long hairstyle for a thin face
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I would also caution against having the hair too long when your face is thin, especially if the hair is straight. The length will only exaggerate the length of the face. By adding layers to your hairstyle you will be able to keep the length of your hair, but you will be able to add volume and fullness to the hairstyles you wear.
If you prefer to get more specific suggestions and advice on hairstyles suitable for you, I can recommend that you visit Hairstyles Advisor. They offer professional consultations and objective analysis of the hair and face and give you suggestions on hairstyles that are right for your face and build and are most flattering. Since they are not affiliated with any salons or product manufacturers you can be assured of getting objective advice. All the people I've spoken to who have used their service have been pleased.
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