Hairstyles for a long face

Hairstyle for a long face
Hairstyle for a long face - Photo: Getty Images via Canva
Typical for a long face is a long and narrow bone structure. Women with a long facial shape frequently have a long, thin neck also.
With a long face shape you will need short to medium length hairstyles. A wedge hairstyle is a good idea. Use bangs to cover your forehead and thus making your face look less long. You need some fullness at the sides to make it look wider. Use curls or soft waves. Layered haircuts work well with this face shape.
Avoid long hairdos as it would make your face look even longer. Hair longer than shoulder length will not look good at all.
Celebrities with a long face shape are Kirstie Alley, Niki Taylor, Janet Jackson and Gabrielle Reese.
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