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Swoopy Bangs

Q: I currently have a shoulder length hair cut with no bangs. I want to get that swoopy bangs look when I pull my hair back into a ponytail and sometimes when I wear it down. Is there a specific way I need to part my hair to get this look? Or should I have someone help me cut my bangs but keep some of them long enough to tuck behind my ear? I have a feeling it's a combination of both!
A: Actually, you're right in that it is both. You need a specific way of dividing the hair, specifically the size of the fringe area, and then the way in which the fringe is cut. By creating a large area of fringe, you provide enough hair to be able to texture the hair without sacrificing the solidity of the fringe. This also means that you can feather the ends of the fringe as you style them into the curved pattern.
Lindsay Price sporting swoopy bangs
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The line of the cut for the fringe should be curved in a shallow arc, so that the sides are still long enough to either tuck behind the ears in some cases, or blend into the rest of the hair on the sides (your preference). The specific lengths and arcs are something you should discuss with your stylist to make sure you get a look that's both flattering and easier to manage for you at home.
Photo: Lindsay Price
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