How to Cut Wispies

How to cut wispies diagram
Q: Can you explain how to cut wispies at the neckline?
A: Getting that wispy look at the hairline of a haircut is always a matter of decreasing the amount of bulk in the hair in those areas. There are different ways to achieve this effect: using thinning shears, razor cutting or texture cutting with scissors.
By far, the most uniform and smooth method is to use a razor tool to soften the hair at the hairline. However, using scissors to create texture can give some added visual interest to the cut and create softness as well.
You can work using horizontal slices of hair (combing the slice following the hairline in question) and cut thin notches in the ends of the hair which will create a more pronounced tapering and can generate a very defined look with the use of styling product.
Pixie with longer neck hair
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Alternately, you can use vertical slices of hair (combing slices of hair perpendicular to the hairline in question) and cut notches in the hair making sure to leave the longest lengths at the bottom of the notch cut. Depending on the width of the slices, you use and the depth of the notching, you can create a very textured feathery look throughout the hair cut.
For a diagram of how to create the different textures, see the graphic.
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