Nicole Richie's Hair & Face Shape

Nicole Richie hairstyle
Nicole Richie - Photo: Everett Collection/Shutterstock
Q: I just have a question about face shape. I have a round face shape but I would like my hair cut like Nicole Richie's. My hair is a medium brown, thick, but very straight so it doesn't look that thick.
I already part it on the side and have some layers but would like to know if those kinds of bangs and cut would look good on my face shape. Thanks!

A: Well, the first thing to consider is that Nicole Richie's face is not round, but more oval, which means that most hairstyles will flatter her.
That being said, the style could be modified to suit a more rounded face, but will require a little more volume at the top of the head, shorter bangs and minimal volume on the sides.
Nicole Richie haircut
Nicole Richie - Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock
Nicole Richie's hair
Nicole Richie - Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
You also have to remember that there's more to choosing a hairstyle than face shape. You have to consider the balance of the facial features and how the style will interact with them. You also have to take in to account not only the density of the hair and the wave pattern, but the texture of the hair (the individual diameter of the hair shaft) as well.
Nicole's features are angular, with a sharp chin and slightly prominent nose. The style she wears is good for her because the curving lines help to soften her features and the asymmetry of the bangs draws focus away from the prominence of her nose.
It would be best for you to talk to your stylist for an evaluation of your hair and face and talk about the hairstyle you want to have. Being able to look at you in person will enable him/her to make a clear assessment of what would and wouldn't work for you regarding the style.
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