Hairstyles for a round face

Round face shape
What are good hairstyles for women with a round face?
You have a round face if it is as wide as it is long. However, this can vary slightly and your face might be slightly less wide than long.
With a round face you need a hairstyle that is longer than chin length. A chin length style would accentuate the round face. If you prefer short hair however, you should opt for a swept back style.
Avoid very short crops, haircuts with straight bangs and center parts. A side swept fringe would be ok and could even have a flattering effect. Side fringes can make your face look narrower.
Layer the top and keep the rest of the hair close to the face. It will make the shape of your face look longer. Try to avoid big curly hairdos because again it would add volume to the side and makes the face look wider. You need less volume at the sides because that would make your face look wider and more volume on the top to make it look longer.
The widest part of your face is where your ears and cheeks are, and you must avoid having the weight line of the hairstyle in this area. It would make your face look even wider.
Celebrities with a round face are Kristen Dunst, Cameron Diaz, Charlotte Church, Kelly Osbourne, Roseanne Barr, Fairuza Balk and Natalie Merchant.
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