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Nicole Richie Bob

Q: I'm looking to cut my niece's hair and attached is the Nicole Richie haircut she wants: A medium length bob gradually longer at the sides with side-parted bangs. I was wondering of you had a diagram of this bob cut that would allow me to cut it with the proper lengths and layers. Thanks in advance!
  • Nicole Richie - Medium length bob haircut
  • Nicole Richie hair photo
  • Nicole Richie with a midlength bob
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A: The easiest way to get the look shown in the photos is to follow the pattern for a basic bob haircut and add razor-cut layers and texture to the finished product. Start with a seven-section parting with a 1/2-inch perimeter down all around the head, then cut the front and rear guide lengths and create your "line". After this, lower the hair in half-sections and create a standard blunt cut.
To perform the layers, elevate the hair as shown and use your razor tool to cut the hair along the lines that you see. For the layers in the top section of the hair, the goal is to have the shortest of these layers be longer than the fringe area. Use the razor to smooth and soften the ends as needed depending on the thickness of your niece's hair.
How to cut a bob diagram
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The diagram should help you visualize the necessary cuts to make.
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