Change Shampoo

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Q: How often should I change my shampoo? I've heard that you should change shampoos once in a while because your hair gets used to it and it is less effective after some time. Is this true?
A: This is a subject long debated in the hairdressing community. Generally, I don't agree that you "get used to" a shampoo, but I do think that a shampoo's formula may leave behind certain levels of product and other naturally occurring oils that build up over time. Not to mention the conditioning agents and moisturizing they deposit on the hair.
This can leave you with a less spectacular result than you initially got since when you began using the shampoo your hair may have needed more of the ingredients that the shampoo provides. (This is another factor.)
Because of this, I do generally recommend that a person keeps two shampoos on hand. The specific shampoos depend on the needs of the person. If you have occasional flaking and itch, get a dandruff shampoo and use it every 4th or 5th shampoo (once or twice weekly if you shampoo daily).
If you have gray hair, get an anti-yellowing shampoo like Clairol Silver Lights and us it weekly (or every 4-5 shampoos) to keep your gray hair bright and vibrant. If neither of these is your issue, simply use a clarifying shampoo as your "off day" shampoo to remove the residues that may have been left behind by other products and shampoos.
Doing this will ensure that you keep the hair as clean as possible and have the results you want, without having to constantly search for a "new shampoo" when you are perfectly happy with the one you have.
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