Using too much Shampoo

Woman washing her hair with too much shampoo
Photo: B-D-S Piotr Marcinski/Shutterstock
Q: Are there any disadvantages in applying too much shampoo in your hair? Will the use of too much shampoo damage your hair or make it dry out or something?
A: Well, aside from being a phenomenal waste of money, the over-application of most shampoos won't have too detrimental an effect to the hair. The lathering process will be inhibited by too much shampoo, since it needs a good balance of shampoo to water.
But as you rinse out the excess shampoo, you can make up for the earlier lack of lather by working the shampoo into lather as you rinse it away. This changes when you're talking about shampoos that are designed to impart some effect by being allowed to sit on the hair for periods of time.
However, when you use harsher shampoos (such as clarifying shampoos and volumizing shampoos) you can create problems by shampooing too often. Clarifying shampoos especially are designed to strip away oils and residue from the hair and can completely strip the hair of its natural oils and emollients.
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