Short Hairstyle for a Round Full Face

Short hairstyle for a round full face
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Q: What is the best short style for a round full face? Thank You.
A: Generally, since the goal is to create the illusion of an oval face, a round, full face usually calls for a style that has more volume on top, and lies closer on the sides. If the style is to feature bangs, they should be textured and kept wispy, so as not to obscure the forehead and further shorten the face.
There is also the problem of imprecise terms like "short hair". To some women, short hair is any hairstyle that is shorter than mid-neck length. Other women think that a chin-length bob is a mid-length hairstyle. It's always better if you can use referencing terms to describe the hair length you want.
Terms like chin-length, mid-ear length, just below the shoulder, above the ear, are all much better descriptors for a hairstyle because the listener immediately knows the length you have in mind.
I'm going to assume that when you say "short" hairstyle, you mean one that will be shorter than chin-length. This still leaves a number of options. If your round face has a heavy jaw line, you may want to consider a razor-textured gamine (boyish) cut with lots of lift and volume on top and soft curves along the sides to draw the eye inward and make the chin look smaller.
You could also go with a layered bob, styled to give extra lift at the top of the style and tapering down the sides of the face. This will give the semblance of height to the face, especially if you make sure not to block the forehead with a thick curtain of bangs.
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