Haircut for a Slimmer Look

Woman with a face that looks slim and wearing a shiny turtleneck
Photo: Koldunov/Shutterstock
Q: How can I get my hair cut to make my face look thinner?
A: The key in creating a slimmer look to the face is to cut the hair so that there is more volume on top of the head and less volume on the sides. However, you have to make sure that you keep the hair in proportion to the overall size of the head and the body.
Cutting the hair too short will only result in exaggerating a heavy face. Likewise, leaving the hair too long will cause an overbalancing of the silhouette, particularly if the hair is curly or otherwise voluminous.
Other features of the haircut should be determined by the needs dictated by the facial features. Prominent facial features such as a large forehead, nose or chin may call for asymmetrical bangs and should always be taken into consideration with the overall goal for the hairstyle.
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