Hairstyles for a Fat Face

Overweight woman wearing her hair in a long bob
Photo: Halfpoint/Shutterstock
Q: I'm overweight and have a fat face. What should I look for in a hairstyle to make my face look less fat?
A: In the case of finding hairstyles for a "fat face", you're right to mention that you are overweight as well. This isn't always the case and is always a consideration in how to handle the situation. The most important thing to consider is keeping your hairstyle in proportion to your body.
Going too short with the hair, while often helping to make the face appear thinner, generally looks "awkward" if the body is overweight. Going too far in the other direction is problematic as well, as you can make the whole body appear heavier if you create a hairstyle with too much volume in an attempt to balance a fat face.
Generally, I find that a good option for overweight women with fuller faces is a neck length style with steep layers. This allows the creation of a lot of wave and feathered layering to frame the face if the features are close-set, or for a full, feathered layering in styles for a feature-balanced face which makes the face appear longer and thereby slimmer.
Of course, there may be specific needs for the face and to maintain balance, but the basic layered cut will allow for modification to add fullness where needed and to create softness to camouflage areas to be hidden or create the desired silhouette overall.
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