Back-Angled Bob

Back angled bob haircut
How to cut this modern bob hairstyle
A modern twist on the classic bob haircut uses an angled cutting line to add layers along the bottom edge of the haircut. The result of this variation is a more 'fitted' look to the style, and a softer, rounder style.
Step One:
Shampoo and condition the hair as needed, towel dry, and comb out. Once combed to remove tangles, isolate the fringe area of the hair. Then, section the hair on the crown, twist it up and clip it in place.
Next, take one-to-one-and-a-half-inch sections of hair sliced at an angle from the center back of the head to the front, twist and clip them out of the way as shown. Leave down only the hair at the nape of the neck.
Comb the hair down and cut a guideline to the desired length. Then, starting in the center of the neck area by combing a vertical slice and holding it at an approximately 45-degree elevation (follow the angle created by placing the comb against the back of the head over the occipital bone) cut the hair along that 45-degree angle and continue to one side, then the next, working outward from the center.
How to section hair for a back angled bob
Step Two:
Once the nape section is cut, let down the next two sections (one from each side of the head) and comb them back toward the cutting angle. Always working outward from the center back, take slices of hair and cut them at 45-degrees, using the previously cut sections as a guide.
Repeat this process with the remaining clipped sections until you've worked your way completely forward to the face. Then comb the hair down along the sides and trim the bottom edge to even it and create a clean line.
Step Three:
Beginning once more in the back of the head, comb thin vertical slices and hold them out at the previous 45-degree angle, then cut the 'corners' of the slices to blend away the weight line. Work your way around the head in this manner, from back to front on each side.
Hair cutting diagram for an angled bob
The fringe area of the hair was then trimmed in a curved line to blend into the front sides of the cut. For our demonstration, the hair was first blown-dry and styled using a bristled brush and a generous amount of styling mousse. The resulting style was soft and full along the bottom edge.
As an alternative styling method, we re-shampooed the hair, and combed the style flat to the head, following the cutting angle. We then secured the hair with a wrapping strip and clipped it at the fringe area. Next, we placed the wrapped hair under a bonnet dryer on medium heat until dry and then on cool for an additional 10 minutes. No styling product was used. The finished result of this method was a form-fitting style that is sleek and silky-looking.
Advice: Practice this hair cut on a manikin before trying it out on a real person.
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