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Hair Swinging in with the Side

Vanessa Minnillo has medium rich cinnamon brown hair that has been fashioned in long degrees of various grades (March 6th, 2007). There is a mini part on the top as the long hair is smoothed over to swing in with the side. The rest of the hair on the top has been blown and smoothed back to stay. The sides are also smoothed, transitioning downward and with the ends variegating in large lazy curls.
Apply your styling lotion after you have washed and conditioned your hair and blow dry your hair with a large round vented brush. It is usually best to begin in the bottom in the back because that is the area that is most damp. Wrap your hair around the brush and bring it out straightly and smoothly. Repeat this all over.
When you are done, apply some hot sets or your favorite styling iron spray and curl only about four inches up from the ends with a medium sized curling iron. Place the top in a flat iron and bring the hair over to the side as you go. Now you are ready to spray and do the Samba.
Vanessa Minnillo look Back view of Vanessa Minnillo's hair Bra strap length hair - Vanessa Minnillo
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