Vanessa Minnillo's Hair

Vanessa Minnillo with her hair pulled into an updo
Photo by PR Photos
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Popular Vanessa Minnillo was Miss Teen USA in 1998 and looks every bit the sophisticated lady with her long hair elegantly pulled back into an updo with a cluster of coiled curls.
She has a slight pouf to her top with the bangs smoothly going over to one side, but not covering her eyes. No fancy tendrils or wisps for her! Just a smooth dignity and charm all put together in a white ruffled top dress. Ms. Minnillo's make-up is natural and admirable for the occasion as well.
What would I change? Truthfully, not a thing. Her black sash goes well with her small dressy carrying purse. Five points go to this meritorious young television actress.
Vanessa Minnillo wearing her hair up
Photo by PR Photos
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