Up Style with Dressy Headband

Vanessa Paradis wearing her hair up with a headband
Photo by PR Photos
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Vanessa Paradis wore the most delightful wide black headband that exposed her myriad of blonde and brown stripes of color. We have to admit she truly looked stunning at the 11th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on February 05, 2005 and it had to be her hairstyle.
Her bangs were chopped into pieced spaces with winged slashes just below her ears. The rest of her hair was placed into a French twist that never goes out of style.
Her look is an outstanding bit of inspiration for those who wear their hair up, but are seeking to look a bit different. Look for hair accessories such as a dressy hairband or a large sequined barrette. The most creative thought will bring you the richest rewards.
Vanessa leans toward a light matt foundation with a smoky eyeshadow, nice long eyebrows that widen her eyes, mascara, blush and an red orange lip color. Vanessa's over all look is completely striking.
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