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Tara Lipinski's Hair Styles

Tara Lipinski in 2003 & 2006
Our celebrity is wearing long layers that are parted in the center and moving away from her face in large swoop waves. The length flows down below her shoulders in curls and more waves. Her color variegates between golden blonde, pale blonde and thin fine slices of brown. The pink sweater goes well with her skin color and brings out the warm hues in her complexion.
Tara Lipinski - Long hair with large swoop waves
Tara Lipinski - Straight hair that makes her appear thinner
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In the adjoining photo we see Tara Lipinski looking completely different. Actually, she looks like she has lost about 10-15lbs. She not only appears to be thinner, but her hair is a gorgeous color of a pale baby blonde that hangs straight with the exception of a few subtle dips and angling along her sides. Instead of having the bangs moving back like the first picture, they have taken up residence; covering part of her eyes on each side of her face. She has pretty eyes, but is hiding them behind her hair.
A blonde looks best wearing a color, not white or yellow. The white can wash the blonde out and the yellow many times are too close to the blonde color and does nothing for appeal. Different shades of greens and blues are always a good color for a blonde, especially green because it seems to help cut any brass that could be in the hair.
Looking back at Tara in the two pictures one more time. What would she look like if we were to cut her hair shoulder length and keep the hair straight and smooth along with the baby blonde color that she has and bring back the top in a creative way, perhaps keep the centered part and take small sections in the bangs and place them in small braids or twists going toward the sides and with one larger braid appearing as a hair band running across the other way?
Another option would be to add a few medium brown hair pieces to these sections and the braid that runs across. This would be unbelievably striking for our celebrity. Picture her in a pastel coral dress with seashells for earrings and necklace. Drop down dead gorgeous is what she would look like!
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