Best Clothing Colors for Blonde Hair

The best clothing colors for blondes
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Q: What are the best colors to wear with blonde hair?
A: Through the decades, blondes have looked amazing in practically every color of the rainbow! But when you want to know what looks best we would say it depends on the shade of blonde you have.
Cooler blondes have more of an icy, violet undertone. The hair strands are very pale and have almost an iridescent quality to them. In this case we would recommend staying away from yellowy or orangey colors. Choose accents that have silver hues instead of gold ones and white shades over black ones.
Most blondes have warm, golden undertones. Your hair looks like a run ray of sunshine is dancing on it all the time. These hues are more versatile and can be worn with all different colors. Red is the warmest color on the color wheel, and we would recommend staying away from that color as you might look too warm in tone all over.
Blonde woman wearing green
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