Stana Katic

  • Stana Katic
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Want to hear something crazy? Stana Katic is not a model. As hard as that is to believe she has put her spectacular looks towards being an actress. The Canadian born (April 26th, 1978) beauty is best known for her portrayal of Detective Kate Beckett on the ABC series "Castle".
She is absolutely gorgeous and loves trying new and different things with her hair. Why wouldn't she? She is certainly blessed with one amazing head of hair. She has super healthy strands and lots of them!
Stana isn't afraid to take risks with her fashion choices and she always pairs her outfits with statement making hairstyles. Though her character, Kate Beckett normally wears her hair straight, the medium to long length of her hair allows her to have many options when it comes to styling it. She has been seen with wearing her hair all up in really neat ways. She also likes to wear it down which is equally sexy.
Whether she's wearing her hair super sleek and straight, or voluptuously curly, Stana owns the look. Her haircolor is usually on the brunette end of the color spectrum though she has been know to experiment with other colors as well. No matter the look, there is always a touch of surprise to her hairstyles and she always keeps us wanting more. We can't wait to see what kind of fun hairstyles we see Stana sporting next!
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