Susan Sullivan's Bob

Susan Sullivan wearing her hair in a bob
Photo by PR Photos
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Susan Sullivan wore her hair in the traditional bob hairstyle with a touch of a pageboy when she attended the 11/15/2009 premiere of "The Princess and the Frog" in Los Angeles, California.
With a high side part in her hair and slightly angled, the heavier top flows over into a smooth round mold along the side being careful not to cover her eyes. The other side is also met with roundness while cuffing the top of her scarf.
The touch of the pageboy comes from seeing her hair tilt inward and under. Her length is acceptable at about half way upon her neck. Her normally silver hair is lined with patterns of browns and blondes and would be considered a professional task. A great hairstyle for a woman aged over 60!
Hairstyle for women aged over 60 - Susan Sullivan
Photo by PR Photos
However, the pageboy/bob might be a hairstyle that you could think about if you are thinking about letting your hair grow a little bit, but not too much. Until it grows out from layers, keep getting your hair edged off on the ends. When it is the length that you like, begin to practice blow drying it with a round brush moving the hair under, or you could always try your hand at jumbo rollers especially if you'd like a nice lush wave along the side. Your hairstyle would last longer if you tried the rollers.
Her light skin tone is possibly among the "winter" colors, although she isn't wearing anything winterish in the color circle. Susan has that natural silver hair and pinkish white complexion and that all points to a winter gal. I can well imagine the glamour she would have with her silver hair designed in short feathery angles and wearing a bright rose or magenta color, topped with silver earrings of course.
She is wearing a minimum amount of makeup with a little blush, eyeliner, lashes and mascara. Her lips have a neutral lip shade that matches her brown sweater and tri colored scarf around her neck.
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