Susan Sullivan Hairstyles

Susan Sullivan is an American actress, born november 18th, 1942 in New York. Susan is known for her role as Lenore Curtin Delaney on the daytime soap Another World.
  • Susan Sullivan

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Her fame grew even more with roles in Falcon Crest, Dharma and Greg and the crime show Castle. Susan is a stunning and ageless woman. Her style is elegant and sophisticated, very cosmopolitan and at times wonderfully bold.
The hairstyle that has been her favorite for many years is just as elegant as she is and as timeless. Susan wears her bob parted on the side and almost all hair has the same length. The long fringe is only slightly textured and flows along the side of her face in a sweeping and stylish curve.
The cutting line sits just below her chin and the hair is always turned inward for a soft and rounded look. In the past Susan added a changing amount of curl to a similar base cut and also looked great with layered styles and sassy short haircuts.
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