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Cassie & Alexa Vega

Cassie 08/19/2009

Cassie with half of her head shaved bald Half there, and half not there, describes Cassie's bold hairstyle. Her ultra pitch black layers on the other side wind down way below her shoulders and in a mass production of ruffled curls and waves. One part goes over her eye and swings out to join the rest of the party. The other side has been shaved where her long thick earrings can be more easily spotted.
Cassie has beautiful olive, golden skin tones and she plays her eyes up like an artist does on a canvas with the vampish grey eye shadow circling around the eyes, thick eyeliner, lightly brushed eyebrows, white/pink concealor and shadow, lashes and mascara, generous amounts of bronzing and blush and a sheer gloss lip tint.
Alexa Vega - 08/21/2009
Alexa Vega - Blonde hair with curls that are tousled together
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Alexa Vega presents a facet of genuine appeal with her blonde hair that has been sectioned in the middle and styled in an array of curls tousled together and brought over to the one side. The other side has a stray independent coil that is freed from the part. Her colors range from the blonde to a darker blonde and a brown and constructed in long layers.
Her eyebrows have remained thick and nicely combed into an arch. There is a light grey tone around her eyes with lashes, mascara and eyeliner. She seems to have old movie star Sandra Dee's look, with those cute round eyes. Plenty of bronze and blush display the neutral pink lip tint. The stunning grey dress is blended well with sashes of darker grey on the top of the shoulders and in the center of the dress.