Cassie Hairstyles

Cassie with one side of her head shaved Cassie
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Cassie is an American singer, model and dancer born August 26th, 1986.
Cassandra Ventura, as her full name is, made jaws drop with a radical transformation of her hair. After sporting a long, black mane with lots of beautifully defined waves and curls, she decided to shave off about half of it on her right side. Her new shaved hair look is very unique, has a fascinating edge and with its entire radical feel it looks amazing on her.
She brought the greatest contrast together on one head and can enjoy the lightweight feel of almost no hair on one side and a long voluptuous statement of luxurious femininity on the other. She wears it open or pulled back into a tight ponytail.
Hair color is another object of modification as she went from almost raven black to a soft brownish blonde tone. Keep your eyes on her; she might come up with more interesting surprises!
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