Cassie's Partly Shaved Head

Cassie with her hair shaved on the side
Photo by PR Photos
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Singer Cassandra Ventura better known as Cassie was at the BET awards in Los Angeles and her hair is completely shaved on the one side with the longer section allowed to grow and then lighted and put into a ponytail.
We can see how the fun begins on her top to grow along with the rest of the hair. I guess we could say she is cool on the one side and warmer on the other side.
While wearing a halter top that matches her bottom, she is ready for plenty of fun in the sunshine. Her loopy earrings supply's the perfect accessory for her summertime party atmosphere.
Cassie with a ponytail and half of her head shaved
Photo by PR Photos
Cassie with a partly shaved head
Photo by PR Photos
Cassie with half of her head shaved and wearing a pink top and trousers
Photo by PR Photos
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