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Erin Lucas & Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad - 04/23/2009
Lauren Conrad - Long hair with a simple center part Lauren Conrad's natural hair color
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Lauren Conrad's natural hair color ranges between the dark blonde/light brown stages and has several various toned brown and blonde panels. Her long hair is worn with a simple center part and given a lazy wave with the coiling iron that plunges way below her shoulders. The top part of her hair has been rolled back away from her face. Her makeup is delightfully pristine with the barest of blush, light shadow, flicks of pencil in the brushed up brows, eyeliner, lashes, mascara and light creamy lip tint.
Lauren is wearing an attractive light platinum/silver sequined dress. I think of the work that went into making that gorgeous dress. Grey is still in vogue!
Erin Lucas - 04/23/2009
Erin Lucas - Youthful long hairstyle with long chopped bangs
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Erin Lucas' long hairstyle brings us an attractive picture of school day charm. The fall of her homespun hair lying about her shoulders and her frivolously long chopped bangs that flirt over her brows presents us of her youthful charisma. There are subtle strips of gold running about her hair when you look closely and a blast of warmth right where it would be most flattering for Erin. A good example of this is the, most unique connection with the cool colors employed with the light orange strips on her outfit and how the orange strips link in with her hair. Yet, the cool colors keep any brassiness at bay. Most becoming!
Erin wears a generous amount of eyeliner, blush, light shadow, mascara and a very neutral transparent lip gloss. The purpose is to play up her eyes and give a peek-a-boo effect from the bangs and it worked.