Lip Make-Up Application (2)

Lip liner application
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For basic cosmetic application, we’ll assume that all three of the basic lip cosmetics are going to be used. If you prefer a routine using less than all three of these basic products, feel free to simply skip any of these steps you wish.
Lip Liner: Since the purpose of lip liner is to define the shape of the lips, the lip liner is meant to be applied before all other lip cosmetics. It should be applied along the edge of the lips on what is called the vermilion.
Lip liner should be the same color as your main lip color product, or slightly darker. It should never be too different from the main lip color or you risk making the lips look “drawn” and artificial.
Lip Color: Lip color is intended to give the lips a tint that mimics the blush/arousal response. Of course, modern applications are often much more vibrant than whatever color change could occur in a natural response. Even so, these new colors are often flattering and attractive.
Lip color and gloss application
Applying lip color is simple, but often takes some practice to master with any skill. The upper lip is typically the starting point and the lip color is drawn around the perimeter of the lips, starting with one of the peaks to either side of the philtrum and drawing the color toward the corner of the mouth, and repeating the move on the opposite side. Then the color is applied along the outer portions of the lower lip from center to corner and an added swipe is applied to fill-in the fleshier portion of the lower lip as needed.
At this point the lips are often pressed together to smooth the color and blend the product evenly. Then a clean dry tissue is sometimes used to blot the color, particularly when the color appears too heavy or if a matte finish is preferred.
Gloss: Lip glosses serve three purposes as a rule: they are used to create a very shiny, wet look to the lips; to moisturize and protect the lips from drying, and to help the lip color wear longer by providing an overlying barrier between the color and whatever might rub against it.
Since most glosses are clear or only lightly tinted, the application is easier and often needn’t be as precise. It should be swabbed over the lips in smooth strokes, or can simply be applied specifically to the points at which you want the lips to appear most shiny.
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