Erin Richards' Diva Hairstyle

Erin Richards hair
Photo by PR Photos
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The 2015 Kingsman: "The Secret Service" Premiere in New York City had the beautiful Erin Richards feeling quite royal - royal blue that is. Her silky regal blue dress, no doubt bringing out her mesmerizing blue eyes certainly paired well with her playful over the knee style boots and pendant necklace. Some would say that this look is a perfect balance of sassy meets sophisticated.
Erin's hairstyle is truly reaching diva status with her luscious long layers and larger than life height. Don't fret, you too can bump up your hairstyle to diva status while finishing getting ready for your event or make that extra cup of coffee before leaving the house.
First begin by spraying product in the crown area, we suggest using Backcomb In A Bottle. Then, blow dry the hair up off of the scalp (focusing on the roots only). Next, apply a setting lotion and section hair from top to bottom (begin working on the bottom).
Comb any tangles out of the damp hair and wrap the hair around a roller to dry. Now, this is the time you can apply makeup or get that extra cup of coffee. Once dry, unroll hair, run fingers through and presto!
Erin Richards diva hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
Erin Richards hair with layers and height
Photo by PR Photos
Erin Richards wearing a regal blue dress
Photo by PR Photos
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