Katie Holmes' Bob (2)

Katie Holmes bob haircut
Katie Holmes – Photo by PR Photos
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Katie's hair has that swing and extra length and Victoria's hair is full of porosity, straight and shorter. Katie is wearing her hair angled back or swinging into a large c-curl toward her face, with just a few strands in her face, while Victoria wears hers angled straightly down. Vidal Sassoon was the one who originated the bob hairstyle and it's been in the top 10 of the hit parade ever since.
With the smooth features, that the look of the bob is so famous for, it is important to have your hair wave pattern analyzed before you decide to get that haircut. For example: if you have naturally curly and wavy hair, you automatically know that your hair will never fall into the smooth look that the bob requires.
Unless you would like to go to extremes and get your hair professionally straightened. In this case, the maintenance is high and so can be the price. Using your flat iron will help in some respects, but it will just not look the same. When it rains, your hair will not remain straight, but begin to frizz up and move back into your curls. You have to ask yourself if this haircut would be worth the extra effort taken, on your part knowing that you will have to keep your flat iron always ready.
You could always give it a try. But, if you discover it is just too much, go back to your hairstylist and tell her to put your hair back into layers; so your hair can be happier doing what it was born to do in the first place, curling. Another option you could consider when you get the bob is to be able to think versatility and not always straightness. Because you have naturally curly hair, once in awhile apply some curl activator on there and scrunch it all up and allow your hair to do it's thing. In that way, you know you aren't trying to fool anyone; but enjoying your world of curls as well as being straight too.
Bobs were basically made for naturally straight hair. This haircut is a blessing from heaven for those who have thin hair, as this haircut is quite illusionary. With the use of a lot of styling products for volume and added thickeners, as when styled properly with the blow dryer, and a medium to large brush, no one would ever know just how thin your hair really is. Always remember, everything is in the haircut.
Katie Holmes with her curly bob
Katie Holmes – Photo by PR Photos
So, right now you could be asking, "what else would this haircut do for me?" One of the things this cut will do for you, is make your neck look longer and also give the illusion that you have lost a few pounds. Properly cut, a good style will indeed take off a few of those unwanted pounds. That sounds like a good prescription to me. Of course, if you are one of those people who can eat and not gain an ounce, I'm convinced you are from the planet Pluto, not here.
Another thing the bob style can do for you will be the fact of always looking good. Even if you aren't dressed up, and have to run to the store; guaranteed, you are going to look better than that girl standing in front of you with the long stringy hair that needs to be trimmed.
Like I said, Katie Holmes' and Victoria Beckham's styles are similar, but not the same. They are close to the Dutch girl look. If you have a high forehead, you want the Dutch boy style, like that of: Rihanna's, make sure your stylist tweaks some bangs for you, slightly above your eyebrows.
This whole look for Katie has made her image more mature and grown up. Like a woman instead of a girl. A Princess of taste. Her mode of dressing has also evolved and is more sophisticated and classy instead of following everyone else's lead. What looks like is happening, is that Katie is coming into her own identity with style and purpose.
People change when they get married, especially if your hubby happens to be Tom Cruise, and they change even more when children come along. Katie is in a time of discovering more about herself and her life, and all of this is a reflection of how she looks today, and we should applaud her for such a stunning enhancement!