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The Evolution of a Hairstyle (2)

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The last photo, taken a week later, shows the same cut, but this time styled in the manner similar to Ms. Weaver's earlier looks. This time the hair is parted on the opposite side, but closer to the center of the top of the head. It can now be seen that the fringe sections of her hair have been grown out to nearly chin length. The style is achieved through what appears to be a blow dry straightening and round brush styling to smooth the hair into a fuller, yet still smooth silhouette.
Another month forward in time shows Sigourney Weaver's hair again styled via a blown-straight look and slightly-off center side parting. Large-barreled hot rollers or perhaps Velcro rollers were probably used to create added volume at the ends of the hair. This look is at once stylish, but soft and more romantic, and again works well to soften the angular features of Ms. Weaver's face.
Sigourney Weaver Sigourney Weaver Sigourney Weaver Sigourney Weaver
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January 2005, five months later, and we see Ms. Weaver's hairstyle has again evolved. Cut into a blunt bob, the hair is styled using the natural wave of Sigourney Weaver's hair. Styled straight the hair would fall below the shoulders, but with the natural curl intact the length obviously becomes shorter. The curls are smoothed with anti-frizz serum and the hairstyle is at once carefree and casual.
Fast forward to January 2006; here we see Ms. Weaver's hair once more styled smooth, and the cut returned to the razor textured bob she seems to favor most. This time, her hair is parted in the center in a short parting, is past her shoulders in length, and has been likely styled with a flat iron to create the gentle curves you see.
Finally we see the most recent version of Ms. Weaver's signature style - cropped once more to neck length, blunted, and with significantly shorter fringe. The style itself is barely changed. It is perhaps less textured, but is still styled smooth and straight, yet by losing just a little of the hair's length, the look is made fresh and new, but still undeniably a traditional "Sigourney Weaver" look.
So, you see, the subtle changes made over the course of months and years provide a nearly endless variety of "looks", all of which serve to flatter and refine Ms. Weaver's appearance. If you keep in mind the different styling methods available - those that are not chemically based and "permanent" - you can achieve a new look without sacrificing a style you truly enjoy.
Evolving Styles - Halle Berry
For a contrast, we can take a look at Academy Award Winning actress, Halle Berry, who happens also to be one of the celebrity faces of the Revlon Corporation. She is a stunning woman, almost universally acknowledged as one of the most beautiful women in the world.
She has also been known for her intensely varied hairstyles. From the gamine short crop which caused such a sensation at the 2002 Academy Awards, to her style of long curly tresses, Halle Berry has had several looks which are all equally attractive and flattering.
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