How to Care for Chemically Treated Hair

Brushing hair
Hair that has not been chemically treated is hard to come across these days. Forget the coloring and the straightening etc, just by using shampoo you’re treating your hair to a variety of chemicals! Ha ha!
But seriously, if you color your hair so often that you don’t remember your natural hair color anymore; or you put it through regular sessions of straightening, curling, perming etc – you’re no stranger to chemically treated hair. Now you don’t need a genius to tell you that these chemicals are bad for you. But if you take good care of your hair, the chemicals won’t be as bad (hopefully!).
• Choose The Right Products
You know when you went to the supermarket and picked up that shampoo right off the rack without bothering to have a look at what it does. Well, that’s what you did wrong girl! You have got to, I repeat, got to be very careful with the hair products you use when your hair is chemically treated.
You’ve gone through great pains (physically and financially!) to get your hair to look good. Now keep up the good work and buy some products that are designed for your hair. They will treat your hair gently and maintain whatever chemical treatment you’ve used.
• Wash Your Hair Carefully
It’s a lifelong commitment this chemical treatment. Be prepared girl! Arming yourself with the right shampoo and conditioner isn’t good enough. You need to wash your hair carefully too. First of all, never wash your hair for at least 24 hours after any chemical treatment.
This is because during the treatment your hair shafts have been chemically adjusted. Your tresses need to get used to it and if you wash it before 24 hours, you’ll only be ruining the effectiveness of the chemical treatment.
• Stay Out Of The Sun
Regular maintenance of chemically treated hair is important so there are some things you should or shouldn’t do. One of the most important tips I could give you is to avoid the sun. The strong rays of the sun don’t help your hair treatments at all.
Not only does the sun strip moisture away from your hair, but if you’ve got colored hair, you should know too much sun fades it. The best advice would be to keep your head covered whenever it’s possible. If not, buy yourself some color-protecting serum or spray which can act as a sunscreen for your hair.
• Styling Products
Styling your hair isn’t super hard work, you just need to take a few extra precautions with chemically treated hair. Your chemical treatment could probably dry your hair anyway, so use a styling product that is rich in content and has been known to touch up dry ends.
A heavy-based greasy product will only drag your hair down. A hair conditioner that’s rich in antioxidants is a good protective measure to keep in mind before styling your hair.
• A New Haircut
Maintaining your look is of vital importance. Just getting a flash chemical treatment isn’t good enough if you don’t have a fabulous haircut to go with it. In fact, a good haircut every few months is essential with chemically treated hair. This is because the treatments can strip away moisture and your hair ends might end up looking dead and dry without regular trimming sessions at the hairdresser’s.
Chemical treatments can be harsh and we all know that. That doesn’t mean we’re going to stop doing it. But the least we can do is take good care of our hair after that. Hope these tips get you on track!