Melissa George Hairstyles

Melissa George is an Australian actress and athlete, born August 6th, 1976.
  • Melissa George with her hair in a bun
  • Melissa George sporting long sleek hair
  • Melissa George
  • Melissa George with long sweeping hair
  • Melissa George

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Melissa brings out the full potential of her long hair with a range of hairstyles. She never hides her face behind long bangs and uses the blonde splendor to frame her features with feminine, sophisticated but simple hairdos. A small bun is all that's needed for a beautiful updo. Events and parties are good occasions to show of some romantic looks and luxurious nostalgic hairstyles.
For a sexy and casual appearance Melissa just styles some volume around her face and lets her hair flow free. The colors of her choice span from highlighted sandy blonde to warm amber blonde tones.
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