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Ballerina Look with a Bun

Multitasking model, actress and athlete Melissa George puts the spice in simplicity as seen on December 18th, 2003. A black leather jacket paired with a black turtleneck sweater set the stage for her gorgeous face, made up with a lot of finesse and a minimum amount of color. Her hair was styled up into a strict but elegant ballerina look.
Here is how to do it: Brush your long hair until soft and shiny, add some shine serum and then twist it in the back to a small bun, tug the ends under and fasten it invisibly with pins. What makes this look come alive is Melissa's hair color - a dark blonde with highlights in a sun kissed lighter shade mingled in with some golden shades.
Melissa George wearing a black turtleneck Updo with a ballerina bun - Melissa George Photo of Melissa George's hairline Melissa George wearing her hair up Melissa George wearing a black leather jacket and turtleneck
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