Melissa George's Classic Hairstyle

Melissa George - Classic long hairstyle with a side part
Photo by PR Photos
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Melissa George is wearing her hair with the classic side part to style her long top over the side of her face.
If the temple area were to be moved over her eye in a wave, she would resemble one of the celebrities of the forties, Veronica Lake. In fact, Veronica's forehead was usually seen, as the hair would go flatly over on the top and the wave was brought out on the upper side along the temple area.
Melissa has her hair coiled under similar to a pageboy. The other side has been wrapped around her ear. There are a few thin threads of brown and platinum that construct her attractive hair color.
Melissa George has that beautiful peaches and crème skin color and is wearing her make-up in a light application with naturally thick brows that have been customized, light smoky shadow, light eyeliner, mascara and orange/red lip color.
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