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Glamour Look Hairstyle

Actress Melissa George showed her feline side at the premiere of the zombie movie "30 Days of Night" on October 16th, 2007 in Hollywood. She wrapped her athletic shape into a retro leopard print strapless dress and had her hair and make-up tuned to old Hollywood style with thick eyeliner and pronounced, well shaped eyebrows.
Here is how to get this glamour look: Prepare your hair with smoothing serum then separate high on the side; comb the smaller side to the back and fasten with your favorite barrette. Make sure to have a tight fit. Curl the hair with a hot iron to the eye level. Make sure all the curls are well defined and separate and that the top is sleek as can be.
Melissa George's Old Hollyood hairstyle Melissa George - Retro hairstyle with curls Melissa George wearing a strapless leopard print dress
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