Marley Shelton Hairstyles

Marley Shelton is known for her work on countless television shows, as well as big and small screen films. She is a talented actress and has a very recognizable face.
  • Marley Shelton
  • Marley Shelton with short hair
  • Marley Shelton with long hair
  • hair styled into a knot
  • Marley Shelton with her hair styled up
  • Marley Shelton with long curly hair
  • Marley Shelton with medium length hair
  • Marley Shelton with hair tucked behind her ear
  • Marley Shelton wearing her hair long and loose
  • Marley Shelton - Youthful fringed up-style
  • Marley Shelton - Long bob hairstyle

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Marley has gone through an amazing journey with great haircuts along the way. She has a quirky, bubbly personality and is not afraid of change. Among her many looks were short pixie styles, which were made famous by Mia Farrow in the 1960s.
Her edgy short hairstyles with asymmetrical elements were just as attractive as the longer, layered looks that can be curled, straight and fluffy or arranged in more or less elaborate updos. One thing all of her looks have in common is a delightful light baby blonde color.
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