Versatile Hair Length

Marley Shelton's medium length haircut
Photo by PR Photos
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Marley Shelton was at the Los Angeles Premiere of "The Rite" on January 26, 2011 and she wore a low cut black strapless dress.
Her light pastel blonde hair was cut in long layers that cuffed around her neckline. Her long bangs flipped out on both sides of her uneven centered part with sketches of lazy twirls and waves.
This is one of the most perfect medium length haircuts anyone can possibly get because of the versatility of the length. You can wear it under, flipped up, into an upswing or in curls or completely straight. It can have the illusion of being short or long, be informal with a ponytail or with a customized hairstyle it can be as dressy as royalty.
Marley has an oval shaped face with a high forehead; a few thin blonde pieces scattered around would not only break it up, but usher in more attractiveness.
Marley Shelton's hair
Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
She is wearing a warm foundation with touches of bronzing and blush. Her eyebrows are kept light, only darkened with a brown to their original shape. There is a smoky hue upon the bone of her eyes and a whiter shade upon her lids along with eyeliner that encircles around her eyes, lashes and mascara. There is a frosty white pink lip color for her lips.
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