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Marley Shelton - Simple Updo

At the "After the Sunset" movie premiere in 2004 (November 4th), we see the lovely Marley Shelton sporting a youthful, but classy fringed up-style. Her blonde locks with their ombre transition to the darker natural tone at the scalp are smoothed back into a knot at the back of her crown and the fringe is allowed to form a veil over her forehead. The effect is clean, and simple, showing off her lovely eyes and smile.
The look is completed by a smoky eye effect and soft pink lips and cheek color. Her dress is deceptively simple as well. From the front, it is an elegant turtleneck frock with three-quarter sleeves, but the back reveals a twist, showing just enough smooth skin to be daring.
Marley Shelton - Updo with a knot at the back Marley Shelton - Youthful up-style with bangs Marley Shelton - Blonde hair with an ombre transition Marley Shelton - Simple clean updo Marley Shelton - Dress with a revealed back Marley Shelton with her hair in a bob
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