Slithered Short Hair

Here's a snap of Martina McBride at the February 8th, 2004 46th Annual Grammy Awards BMG and the first thing we notice about her are her bright blue eyes. First, let's talk about her great short haircut that was slithered on the ends in layers to peak out and up in the back and then, to fringe along her face in a straight croppy structure. Her bangs were followed through with the smooth ride along her temple to be joined with the rest of her hair upon the sides.
This cutsie coif is still in style and there are those who are not willing to give it up because it does so much for them. One such example is Lisa Rinna. Ever since Lisa discovered this hairstyle she kept it as totally hers and has made it her personal signature haircut. Our thanks go to Meg Ryan who introduced this look for us to enjoy.
Martina has light bright blue eyes that could be more alluring and softened up with a light eyeliner and tipping the end of her lashes with a little mascara would do wonders. Thicken her eyebrows a little bit. To thicken any brows it is best to make small feathery strokes above the eyebrows.
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