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Marlo Thomas' Blunt Haircut

Marlo Thomas blunt haircut with bangs
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Ever since I can remember, Marlo Thomas has never changed her hairstyle. She has always kept her hair this way even back in her younger days although, she does wear it up once in awhile. I have also seen streaks and slices of caramel colors and honey blonde in her hair. A square neckline is flattering to any woman and is worthy for everyone to remember.
There is a bounce in her hair and this look can be styled with a large round curling iron or large hot rollers. Notice her hair has a level blunt cut. No layers. Take large sections of your hair and place the bend where you would like. Do not look for curl, only a bend. The bangs are cut just below the eyebrows, very hip, very saucy and very Marlo.
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