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Maggie Grace’s Pixie Cut

July 11th 2017 was makeover day for Maggie Grace! On Instagram she showed us how Frankie Hernandez – stylist at MèCHE Salon in Beverly Hills – played a fierce hair game. Frankie had much fun taking her through baby steps to her new short hairdo. First he cut her long hair in a long asymmetrical bob, then in a one length chin level bob and finally in a jaw dropping pixie!
Maggie revealed her new haircut at the July 26th premiere of The Weinstein Company’s “Wind River” in Los Angeles. Her outfit and stunning blonde pixie were a perfect match. Maggie was sporting a black look with a cute silk camisole, a black blazer and a leather mini skirt.
Her pixie is a statement haircut with texture and styling for volume. One side was styled close to her head and tucked behind her ear. We love the extra length with nape tickling hair at the back. It accentuates her beautiful swanlike neck. Maggie looks amazing with short hair!
Maggie Grace - pixiecut Maggie Grace with short hair Maggie Grace wearing a leather mini skirt and silk camisole
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