Kylie Bax Hairstyles

Kylie Bax is a fashion model and actress, born in New Zealand on January 5th, 1975.
  • Kylie Bax with a mullet hairstyle
  • sporty haircut
  • medium length hairstyle
  • Kylie Bax

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Kylie looks just as good in a bikini as in a little black dress or in a pair of washed out jeans. This versatility of the Nordic looking Kylie also makes her glamorous and ravishing in a wide range of hairstyles. And of those she had many throughout her career.
The most extreme haircuts are perhaps a long, layered and through and though wavy, curly mane with unspeakable volume and a short, ear exposed, chopped look with a side fringe and long neck.
Kylie has an oval face shape and that makes her one of the lucky ones who can wear almost any hairstyle out there and she never has to worry about where to add or take away volume. One of the more outstanding cuts in her history of hairstyles was a very 80s "Flock of Seagull's" look that had unfortunate elements of a mullet.
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