Kylie Bax with Short Hair

Kylie Bax wearing her hair in a short shag
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Kylie Bax sports a flattened shag haircut, characterized by short layers. The crown is shorter to create volume, gradually transitioning into collar-length layers. If the sides were left to hang along her face, they would reach below her ears. The top has been styled to blend seamlessly with the rest of the hair on the sides.
Kylie's blue eyes appear even more vivid against the backdrop of her blue and white high-tasseled turtleneck, accentuated by the absence of earrings. Are we witnessing a trend towards eschewing earrings? If so, the micro lobe piercings may begin to heal and close up, only to cycle back into popularity once again. Personally, I believe earrings will always remain a timeless accessory.
In summary, Kylie's short haircut exudes versatility, capable of being styled in various ways, from puffy to flatter looks, and even worn up or flipped in different sections. Consider this versatility when contemplating a 'shag' hairstyle.
Kylie Bax wearing her short hair in an over the collar length
Photo by PR Photos
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