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Kylie Bax & Julianne Hough

Kylie Bax - 10/14/2008

Kylie Bax wearing her hair in an over the collar length Kylie Bax is wearing a flattened shag haircut. Meaning, her hair is cut in short croppy layers, shorter on the crown for the poufs we see and then transcending into an over the collar length. If the sides were allowed to hang along her face they could be measured to fringe below her ears. The top has been styled over to connect with the rest of the hair on the sides.
Kylie's blue eyes appear even bluer due to the blue and white high tasseled turtleneck next to her facial features and without any earrings. Are we moving into a fade of non-earring wearing? If we are, all those micro lobe piercings will begin to heal and close up, until we go around the circle again and begin to wear pierced earrings once again. Personally I don't think earrings will ever go out of style.
To sum up Kylie's image: Her haircut is full of versatility and can be puffy as well as the flatter image. She can also wear it up and out in points or flipped in various sections. Therefore, think about the versatility of this hairstyle when you decide to go "shag."
Julianne Hough - 10/16/2008

long blonde locks Julianne Hough wears her long platinum blonde locks created in layers beginning with the off centered part. Her photo shot builds an almost magical imagery of a fairy tale kingdom and all Julianne needs is a wand in her hand. Her hairstyle is the trendy idle waves of today that dare to barely be there and are easy enough to wind around your large curling iron away from your face.
Although her hair is around her face, we can still see the delicacy of her small earrings. The white shiny satin top is flattering to her lovely blue eyes. If I could adjust two things about Julianne's picture, they would probably be: Bring her hair back away from her face a little bit more and fasten with combs in the back and turn her white dress into a pale blue or green. Julianne has a gentle feminine look and wearing pastels would increase this effect, because of the softness.