Kate Mara Hairstyles

Kate Mara is an American actress, born on February 27th, 1983. Kate is know for her roles as the computer analyst Shari Rothenberg in the television series "24" and Bethany Cabe in "Iron Man 2".
  • Kate Mara
  • Kate Mara wearing her hair pulled back
  • Kate Mara with her hair slicked back
  • Kate Mara with her hair in a ponytail
  • Kate Mara with her hair in an airy bob

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When it comes to her hair, Kate is all about long and volume. Manes over manes with curls, texture, waves and more waves. Even though every now and then a sleek, straight look shows up on her, more often we see her with a more of less neat center part or her long front hair pulled back across her crown to tame at least a part of her exquisite and glamorous hairstyle.
Her features are very balanced and she does not need to enhance or distract with the help of her hair. She is also another one of the famous redheads that make a big splash not just with their style, but with a fire hot, paprika spicy color. Mara is totally at home between strawberry blond, dark copper and a warm, reddish chestnut.
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