Celebrity Redheads

Celebrity redheads - Alyson Hannigan
Alyson Hannigan - Photo: Christopher Halloran/Shutterstock
Researchers have discovered that the number of redheads is decreasing and red hair may eventually disappear due to the recessive nature of the gene carrying the trait. However, the number of celebrity redheads has increased significantly in recent years. In the past, actresses such as Angie Dickinson stood out among Hollywood starlets with her long auburn locks.
Today, a new generation of celebrities has embraced red hair, whether it is natural or achieved in a salon. Looking at the various hairstyles worn by actresses with red hair reveals the many ways you can style your locks to accentuate the unique and lovely color of your hair.
Young Hollywood
Several ingénue's have become famous, in part, due to their striking hair color. Lindsay Lohan's rise to popularity was often attributed to her rich, crimson tresses that helped set her apart from her blonde peers.
Kirsten Dunst began as a dark blonde child actress, but achieved her greatest fame with medium-length red hair as Mary Jane Watson in the blockbuster "Spiderman" films. Nicole Kidman achieved fame with her curly, strawberry blonde locks and became Hollywood elite with her long, flowing auburn hair.
Celebrity redhead Debra Messing wearing a red turtleneck
Debra Messing - Photo: lev radin/Shutterstock
Popular Styles
The styles worn by these actresses demonstrate how versatile red hair can be. In her role as the good witch on television's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," actress Alyson Hannigan showed off a variety of stylish haircuts. Her once long hair was cut into a short, layered bob that emphasized its rich color and created flattering volume and texture.
The once raven-haired actress Rose McGowan of the television drama "Charmed" presented a medium-length cut that allowed her hair to frame her face and complement her porcelain skin tone. Marcia Cross of the popular program "Desperate Housewives" showed off her longer waves, which add a feminine, romantic touch to her natural, bright red hair.
Celebrity redhead Debra Messing wearing a red turtleneck
Marcia Cross - Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock
These hairstyles demonstrate that red hair can be an excellent look for women with fair skin and light eyes. Scarlet hair can also work with darker skin and eye colors if the right color is chosen. Test hair swatches against your face or use a hair app to determine which shade works best for you.
Bold Looks
For those looking for a more daring hairstyle, extreme red colors can be surprisingly flattering. In the 1999 film "Run Lola Run," actress Franka Potente captivated audiences with her bright red mane. If you are considering a similar look, try a temporary hair mascara to test the color before committing to anything permanent. Bright hair colors can be difficult to maintain and are damaging to hair, so these colors often work best on short hair.
The large number of red-haired celebrities currently sporting the color demonstrates the popularity of red hair. While many of these actresses have the color naturally, many others are achieving the effect with hair dye. If you want a look that is both bold and unique, consider trying red hair. The variety of hairstyles worn by red haired celebrities reveals the flexibility of the daring color.