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Joss Stone Hairstyles

Joss Stone is an English soul and R&B singer, songwriter and actress.
The fun loving Joss has great hair. It is long and luscious with a much coveted natural curl. She expresses her creative and electrifying personality in her music and also in her fashion, including her hairstyles.
One day you'll see her with an innocent Rapunzel mane in a soft gold, the next day it can be an explosion of red spiral curls or a wild mane fit for a lion.
  • Joss Stone with long blonde curls
  • Joss Stone with long hair in a 60s look
  • cork screw curls
  • Joss Stone and 60s fashion
  • Joss Stone with coiled ringlets
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Hair extensions are also a welcome accessory and prevent the stress of changing colors damaging her own tresses. Purple, blue or any other color effect, matching the dress of the day, is a piece of cake with extensions and allows many creative options.
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