Jessica Stroup Hairstyles

Jessica Stroup is an American actress and model, born on October 23rd, 1986. Jessica is known for her role as Erin Silver in "90210".
  • Jessica Stroup with long hair
  • Jessica Stroup with short hair
  • Jessica Stroup

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The first thing everyone notices about Jessica are her amazing big blue eyes with the most perfect lashes. Then it is her quirky persona and her fun hairstyles. Jessica has gone through quite a transformation that all started with sensuous, long and brunette curly cascades and continuously became shorter. In between where different stages of lengths and variations between wavy or straight looks.
A short even length bob was extremely sexy and chic and she looks super sassy with a longer front and shorter back that was the base of a variety of short haircuts and stylings. Her face is so expressive and feminine that she can get away even with very angular gamine cuts, but the best hairstyles on her do have a little bit of elegant volume and some soft texture in the tips. Her main color is a deep brown that makes her eyes seem even brighter!
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